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OUR AI expertise

for business growth

OUR AI expertise for business growth

Our AI solutions

Predictive analytics

Revolutionize your business strategies with our cutting-edge predictive analytics solutions.

  • Leverage machine learning algorithms to forecast market trends and consumer behavior.
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing data infrastructure for enhanced insights.
  • Empower your decision-making with real-timedynamic scenario analysis.

Demand forecasting

Enhance your supply chain efficiency with our advanced demand forecasting tools.

  • Utilize AI to predict product demand and optimize inventory levels.
  • Reduce overstock and stockouts with precise, data-driven forecasts.
  • Align your production schedules with market demand to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Cost estimation

Optimize your financial planning with our advanced cost and performance estimation tools.

  • Integrate seamlessly with your financial and project management systems in real-time.
  • Reduce budget overruns and improve resource allocation with predictive insights.
  • Monitor and adjust estimates dynamically as project variables change.

AI Customer support

Transform your customer service operations with our AI-driven support systems.

  • Directly connect your marketing and sales platforms to our customer support system.
  • Use AI to synchronize and manage your support schedules alongside your team.
  • Understand and analyze customer sentiments on live.

AI Project management

Simplify project with our AI tools designed to automate tasks and enhance collaboration.

  • Keep projects on track with automated follow-ups and alerts.
  • Ensure all stakeholders are continuously updated with real-time notifications.
  • Automate routine project administration tasks to focus on critical milestones.

AI Lead management

Optimize your lead funnel with targeted AI automation.

  • Capture leads effortlessly through intelligent automation.
  • Align your marketing and sales teams with integrated communication tools.
  • Build a unified view of the customer journey, enhancing strategic decisions.

AI Data Consultancy ensures exceptional project success

We are your partners committed to taking your success to the next level.

Our approach? We help companies transition to AI-supported structures, saving time and enhancing work quality while increasing efficiency and accuracy. We specialize in eliminating bottlenecks caused by inefficient and manual processes, enabling you to achieve your goals 70% faster with zero human error.

Predicting Yields in Manufacturing

Optimizing Deliveries for Food & Beverage

Lead Generation for Technology Companies

Client Communication in Construction

Data Analysis for SaaS Restaurant Company

Process Automation in Gastronomy

Lead Management in Real Estate

Integrated Solutions for Coaching & HR

Business Process Automation in a Real Estate Company

Real-Time News for Media Companies

Operational Efficiency in Real Estate Holdings

The company faced significant challenges in daily operations due to a lack of yield prediction. This issue hindered the accuracy of project bids, potentially leading to financial losses and missed opportunities.

A medium-sized company in the food and beverage sector faced significant issues with delivery delays and customer service efficiency.

A new company in the technology industry, needed to establish an automated lead generation system from scratch.

The construction company faced several challenges in managing communication with its clients.

The client, a medium-sized SaaS company dedicated to the restaurant industry, was facing significant challenges in understanding the current market due to the vast amount of data available in their sector.

A medium-sized company in the pastry and gastronomy industry faced several challenges related to the manual management of their operational processes.

A medium-sized company in the real estate sector was facing challenges in managing leads and communicating with potential clients.

A medium-sized coaching and human resources company, faced multiple challenges in managing their operations and content strategies.

A large media company sought to enhance user interaction with real-time news content. They aimed to provide users with the ability to access the most recent and relevant information directly through an AI-driven system based on the latest updates from an RSS feed.

A medium-sized real estate company faced multiple challenges related to operational efficiency and time management.

The holding company, which includes an architectural firm, an industrialized modular construction company, and a residential housing developer, faced significant challenges due to the lack of standardization in its processes.


“At AI Data Consultancy, we are very proud to have collaborated with Osigris in developing their advanced artificial intelligence. José Senande, CEO of Osigris, shared his gratitude with us and explained how our assistance was crucial in creating a chatbot that integrates all phytosanitary regulations. Thanks to this tool, farmers can quickly and easily access essential information to combat pests like aphids in olive trees. We deeply appreciate José and his entire team for their trust in us.”

Our work process


Book your free discovery call

On this call you’ll share a little more about your company, the processes you have in place, and we will suggest areas in which AI can help you.


Planning & strategy session

If we’re a fit, after the discovery call we will start planning the course of action. We’ll schedule a strategy session call where we will share with you the next steps, and adjust the plan if needed.



Once we’ve agreed on the strategy and plan of action, we get to work and start Implenting AI inside your business processes.


Testing + Training ( if needed )

Once we’re ready with the Implementation, we will share complete detail about the automation and start looking for potential areas of improvement.


We cater to diverse industries, including building material, construction, real estate, manufacturing, retail, technology, agriculture, education, and more. Our solutions are adaptable to various sectors, ensuring we can meet the unique needs of each client effectively.

Continuous Learning and Research:

  • Allocating dedicated time for our team to research and experiment with emerging AI technologies.
  • Attending industry conferences, workshops, and seminars.


Strategic Partnerships:

  • Building relationships with leading AI vendors and thought leaders.


Agile and Adaptable Approach:

  • Maintaining an agile mindset to quickly adapt to new AI breakthroughs.
  • Continuously updating our methodologies, frameworks, and best practices.


Knowledge Sharing:

  • Regular internal knowledge-sharing sessions.
  • Contributing to the wider AI community.

Yes, we collaborate seamlessly with your existing IT team to ensure a smooth integration of AI solutions into your existing technology landscape. Our goal is to enhance your current systems and workflows without causing disruptions.

AI requires both structured data (organized information like customer demographics and sales transactions) and unstructured data (documents, reports, social media posts, images). Combining these data types provides comprehensive insights for AI solutions.


The amount of data needed varies based on the complexity of your operations and the AI applications. A diverse dataset comprising both structured and unstructured data is beneficial. Combining internal and external data sources can unlock valuable insights.

AI can help reach more customers through insights into customer preferences and behavior, facilitating targeted marketing campaigns, personalized product recommendations, and automating sales processes. AI analytics can identify market trends and opportunities.

AI reduces costs by automating repetitive tasks and optimizing processes across departments. This leads to increased operational efficiency and lower overheads. Predictive analytics can identify cost-saving opportunities for data-driven decision-making.

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