Case Study: Optimization of Deliveries and Customer Service for a Food and Beverage Company


A medium-sized company in the food and beverage sector faced significant issues with delivery delays and customer service efficiency. Customers expressed dissatisfaction due to a lack of professionalism and poor order management. The company needed a solution to collect and analyze customer feedback at each stage of the order process to identify and resolve these issues.


Solution Proposed by AidaDataConsultancy:

  1. Implementation of a Rating and Analysis System: We developed a system that allowed customers to rate each stage of the process, from placing the order to receiving it.
  2. Integration with CRM: The rating system was integrated with the company’s CRM, facilitating the updating and tracking of orders by the sales team and central office.
  3. Sentiment Analysis: We implemented a sentiment analysis system to evaluate customer feedback. This system identified specific issues faced by customers and highlighted areas needing improvement.
  4. Improvements in Logistics and Staff Training: Using insights gained from sentiment analysis, we optimized logistics and inventory management. Additionally, we provided specialized training to the sales team to enhance their interactions with customers.



  • Increased Customer Loyalty: Customer satisfaction improved significantly, resulting in increased customer loyalty and retention.
  • Expansion of Customer Base: Enhanced customer service and support enabled the company to attract new customers, expanding its customer base.
  • Optimization of Logistics and Inventory Management: The company achieved more efficient logistics and inventory management, reducing delivery delays and ensuring product availability.
  • Better Staff Training: Sales representatives received improved training, allowing them to serve customers more professionally and effectively.

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A tech firm with a commitment to transparency, value, and communication.

Copyright © 2024. All rights reserved.