Case Study: Optimization and Automation of Processes in a Gastronomy Company


A medium-sized company in the pastry and gastronomy industry faced several challenges related to the manual management of their operational processes. These issues included the manual transcription of orders received via WhatsApp, the handling of supplier invoices received by email, and the integration of their new website with their existing management system.


Solutions Proposed by AidaDataConsultancy:

  1. Order Management Automation: Implemented an automation solution that captures order details received through WhatsApp messages and enters them directly into the ERP system. This significantly reduced manual transcription errors and processing time.
  2. Digital Invoice Processing: Developed an automation that scans supplier invoices received via email, extracts relevant data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, and correctly archives the information in the ERP system.
  3. Customer Notification and Engagement: Automated the process of sending order reminders and confirmations to customers via WhatsApp, maintaining service quality and customer satisfaction.



  • Reduction in Operational Costs: The company achieved a 20% reduction in operational costs by optimizing production and logistics processes.
  • Increased Efficiency: Data integration and predictive analysis allowed the company to enhance operational efficiency, resulting in a 25% increase in productivity.

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A tech firm with a commitment to transparency, value, and communication.

Copyright © 2024. All rights reserved.