Case study: Improving Client Communication


The construction company faced several challenges in managing communication with its clients. The main issues included a lack of personalization in communications, the need to automate responses and manage projects efficiently, and the difficulty in centralizing and quickly accessing all project-related information.


Solution Proposed by AidaDataConsultancy:

  1. Enhancement of Personalized Client Communication: Utilized artificial intelligence to analyze and improve emails and letters sent to clients. This included creating personalized templates and automating responses for more efficient and effective interaction.
  2. Automation of Responses and Project Management: Implemented a connection between databases, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to facilitate project tracking. This allowed for smoother task management and centralized all project information in one place.
  3. Clear Explanations with Artificial Intelligence: Employed AI tools to explain project modifications and updates to clients in a more comprehensible manner, thereby enhancing communication and client satisfaction.
  4. Centralization and Organization of Project Information: Developed a system to centralize all project information, including the classification and organization of documents, and the ability to store WhatsApp conversations and emails in a database to maintain a detailed record of client interactions.
  5. Automation of Processes and Use of WhatsApp Business: Explored and proposed the use of WhatsApp Business for document and process management, including automating responses and classifying events to improve operational efficiency.



  • Improvement in Communication Personalization: The company achieved more personalized and effective communication with its clients, resulting in greater client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Efficient Automation of Responses and Project Management: Automation led to a significant reduction in response time and more efficient project management, resulting in a 20% improvement in productivity.
  • Centralization and Quick Access to Information: Centralizing information allowed for quicker and more organized access to project documents, improving operational efficiency and facilitating informed decision-making.

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A tech firm with a commitment to transparency, value, and communication.

Copyright © 2024. All rights reserved.